Panda Dome Passwords

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information securely

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Why will Panda Dome Passwords make your life easier and more secure?

Panda Dome Passwords

Your passwords always with you

Save your passwords once and access them securely on all your devices. It also has an offline mode so you can access your passwords even without an Internet connection.

Panda Dome Passwords

Stop filling in the same forms over and over

We’ll save you time and frustration by filling in your details when you wish to sign up to any service. Panda Dome Passwords can be configured to automatically fill in your registration information and your passwords.

Panda Dome Passwords

Stop using 1234 for everything

With just one click, Panda Dome Passwords will generate a unique, strong password for every service and will automatically enter it for you every time you need it.

Panda Dome Passwords

Maximum privacy even when you are not there

Panda Dome Passwords includes a feature that allows you to delete your browsing history and close all your web pages and services remotely.

Panda Dome Passwords

Keep all your secrets safe

Save and store all your personal information securely: your passport number, Wi-Fi password, credit card number, etc. Your notes will be encrypted and inaccessible for anyone else.

Panda Dome Passwords

We’ll alert you

If you are about to save a duplicate password or haven’t changed your password in a long time, we’ll let you know and help you resolve it. Additionally, we monitor millions of services in real time and, if any of them is compromised, we’ll alert you immediately so you can update your passwords.

Panda Dome Passwords

Double your security

We recommend you enable Two-Factor Authentication (or 2FA) for better security. But remember, to use it you’ll need to have your smartphone always on hand ;-)

Panda Dome Passwords

Keep your credit card in your pocket

With Panda Dome Passwords, you’ll be able to enter your credit card details automatically when you shop online. Much faster, easier, and more secure.

How to start using Panda Dome Passwords

Follow these simple steps to start enjoying your new password manager:


Log in to your Panda account. If you don’t have one yet, sign up in less than a minute.


Enter your product activation code in the ‘I have a code’ section of your account.


Click the ‘Activate’ button in the ‘Passwords’ section of your account page and download your product to the devices and browsers that you want.


Sign up for ‘Passwords’ and create your master password using the same email address you used to create your Panda account.


Now you’re ready to manage all your passwords with a single master key, automatically fill in credentials and credit card details, sync passwords across all your devices, and much more.

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